The concept of

  Digital Data System Guards and Controls   

began simply as DDSGandCo.com in late 2001

when our life was interrupted  as we knew it.



The Sept. 11, 2001 the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, NY changed our view of how well we were prepared for a real disaster.

Few of us understood the impact of loosing the Twin Towers that day.

However, we soon knew that this was truly the end of taking our data for granted...


...or was it?


Assessment & Compliance has become more important than ever with the SOX, PCI, HIPAA and now GDPR laws, which are some of the most cumbersome requirements for the business owner in today's digital stage! Yet DDSGandCo.com has you covered!


At Digital Data System Guards and Controls, we understand the challenges you face and can help you improve your IT Protection with cost-effective managed IT Protection services. We can help your company save time and money while giving you excellent service and data-protection support.


We have been working with some of the best providers in the world to create a world class solution to safe-guard your most valuable assets; Your data and Your bottom line.


Let us show you where your data/money is most at risk!
Digital Data System Guards and Controls

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