I.T. Assessment and Compliance

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We evaluate the I.T. System Guards and Controls, Currently including: Computers, Network connected devices, such as Gateways, Switches, Firewalls, modems, Cameras, VoIP-Phones, IoTs, BYODs, etc., that are in place. Also we do internal and external vulnerability scans. (This is a Non-Intrusive scan; nothing installed.)

We then present a Report card of the Assessment to show the client the state of their system. The report card shows where there needs to be some form of remediation applied, including the severity of each issue that falls short of the expected best practice in securing your data & bottom line from cybersecurity and compliance liabilities. It is in everyone's best interest to know where they stand in today's I.T. landscape and DDSGandCo.com wants to help you grow with this knowledge!


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