Glossary - (Not Alphabetically Ordered)

 PCI Payment Card Industry
 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
 AoC Attestation of Compliance
 ASVApproved Scan Vendor
 SAQSelf-Assessment Questionaire
 IT Project
Information Technology Project
 MSPManaged Service Provider
 QSAQualified Security Assessor
 CDECardholder Data Environment
 SDSService Delivery System
 DetectorNetwork Detector System
 GDPREU General Data Protection Regulation
 DPOData Protection Officer
 EoCEvidence of Compliance
 RTPRisk Treatment Plan
 AIWAsset Inventory Worksheet
 RARisk Analysis
 PDPersonal Data
 ACAuditor Checklists
 SICSensitive Information Classification
 CVSS Common Vulnerability Scoring System CVSS Wiki Link
 DMZ DE-Militarized Zone 
 ePHI Electronic Protected Health Information
 CISACertified Information Systems Auditor
 CISOChief Information Security Officer
 VMVulnerability Management
 ISACAInformation Systems Audit and Control Association