Every Business Needs A Plan!

Assessment, Compliance, Backup and Data Recovery

Digital Data System Guards and Controls knows that your data is your most valuable asset. And Your data protection program should reflect that value and include more than just ad hoc solutions.

Just as it would be for any business challenge, not knowing carries EXTREME RISK! There are laws in place that have reporting requirements, within hours of any event where Protected, Sensitive, or Personal Information has been compromised. And ignorance of the laws/regulations is no excuse.

Before developing an offering we would want to assess where you currently stand

...it must first be determined,

  • where you are,
  • where you want to be,
  • what is it going to take, to get to where you want to be,
          ... in terms of Your Network, Security, Compliance, Protection and Business Continuity.

We would take an assessment of the state of affairs of your existing Network, Security, Backup & Data Recovery policy and it's effectiveness. This would take about an hour or two, depending on the size of your network and it's complexity. There is a systems scanning and walk-through process. There are digital and physical aspects of the assessments.

Network & Security

We can provide insight into what is going on regarding your network and security, both inside and from outside, and how it stacks up with what your expectations are.

Backup & Data Recovery

We can provide insight into what is going on within your digital arena, as well as how it conforms with what your backup policy expectation are.




Some of the news that tells: More Than Enough!

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