Assessments are the Systems

Guards you need!

SOX, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR Etc. All these have become the business world's bane, simply because people, groups, companies and "State Sponsored" actors are after what is called Protected, Private or Personal Information and you have what they are after.

Because of these ACTORS, legislation has been called for and enacted that puts the burden of gatekeeper on those that have in their possession any of the Public's, Employee's, Client's, Customer's, Medical's, Insured's, Partner's, information that has been deemed as necessarily "Protected".

These legislative directives (LAWS) have been classified as required and have been armed with teeth! That's right, Authority, Jurisdiction and Penalties!

(See The pages for each by clicking on  the particular directive's acronym above.)

How can ASSESSMENTS help me in dealing with these laws?

Our Assessment has the intelligence to uncover and highlight the current state that your I.T. Network and it's security as it stands now!

Our assessment is non-intrusive, making no change to your network or the devices attached to it. We evaluate the internal vulnerability as well as the external vulnerability of your network. Not only that but we search the Dark Web for compromised credentials and other company data that has already found it's way into the hands of undesirables.

There are many questions that arise, given the need to cover your assets. Let us help you find the answers to those questions.

Digital Data System Guards and Controls

can provide you with your initial assessment.

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