Data Protections are not just how we back up our data, but how proactively we protect our data.

We are by and large just backing up our data as our only protection, yet our various forms of backup in and of themselves cannot determine whether the data is good or compromised. Which means that we are obligated to find a way to protect our data so that what we backup is preserved whole and healthy.

We believe that some anti-virus solution is required on all devices. However, in today's online scene, there is a must have addition which compliments the protection that anti-virus offers. That is: Anti-malware for the average end user. However, SMBs are not so easily protected or so small a target for those trying to get at the assets within the company's borders.

As soon as we connect our device, be it a computer, tablet or phone, we have opened ourselves up to all sorts of potential trouble. Trouble comes in all forms these days; email, viruses, worms, trojans, web page redirects, adware, root-kits, faulty hardware, software updates, disgruntled employees, hackers to name a few.

Your online protection should begin before you turn on your device. Your online protection should also continue long after you turn on your device. We believe that some back-up solution is required on all devices. However, in today's online scene, there is a wide array of other issues that are federally required when handling analog and digital data that contains PPI (Personal Private Information), such as: Health records

There is Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Payment Card InformationHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability ActGeneral Data Protection Regulation and so much More...

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